About 120km South of Seoul is the historic town of Gongju.  The town is a former capital city (back in AD 475 to 538) - an amazingly long time ago, and consequently the area holds a lot of important historical treasurers.

We ventured down to Gongju to try out the increasingly popular Korean pastime of Caravan stays.  The kids have been pestering for months to stay in a caravan, so we finally gave in.

The region surrounding Gongju is very scenic.  Lots of farms, pretty creeks and small villages, as well as plenty of historic sights to visit.  

The Caravan Park experience was dampened (pun intended), by the fact it rained most of the time.  2 young children cramped up in a caravan is not recommended.  However, a break in the weather allowed us to check out the Gongsan Fortress (Gongsanseong, 공산성). A 1500 year old mountain-top fortress looming over the Geumgang River.

The Geumgang River looking impressive after more than 100mls of rain overnight
Rice fields in the valleys.
Gongsan Fortress Wall