Creek which was right in front of our caravan.
Every time we go to Inje, I'm overawed.  And I ask myself, ''Why don't we come here more often?"  For nature lovers, this region is just too gorgeous not to go back to again and again.

Any time of year, the mountains, rivers, air, the whole environment is breathtaking.

We were particularly fortunate to make the journey last weekend, just after a typhoon, so the creeks and rivers were running fast and clean.

We opted to stay in a caravan park - our second experience of caravaning Korean Style.  This particular caravan park would not be described as modern.  In fact, the caravans were.... well.....  pretty daggy.

But, they were cheap and clean.  And the location was perfect.  Nestled in amongst a thicket of pine trees, right on the bank of the creek pictured above.  So even though the facilities were not five star (barely 2 star actually), the outlook more than made up for it.

Sunset from our caravan
A random roadside vista
Clouds shroud the mountains early in the morning
Perfect playground
Building sandcastles in the misty rain

12 선녀탕

On Sunday, we got going early and headed to what is the Eastern side of Sorak Mountain - only a 5 minute drive from our accommodation.  Here you'll find a hike known as 12 선녀탕.  This particular hike is famous for the waterfalls along the hiking trail.  It's supposed to be where Angels come to bath - and I wouldn't doubt it.

We didn't get too far along the trail as we had to head back home before the traffic, but even an hours walk gave us a taste for more.  There are tracks all over the mountain, and you could hike for days if you were so inclined.  But no matter what your time limit, even a short hike from the base is worth it.

So if you're wanting to breath in some fresh mountain air and experience full-on gorgeousness, go to Inje.  It's located in the mountains of Gangwon province.

The district is famous for whitewater rafting, bungy jumping and in the winter, ice-fishing.

If you don't have a car, buses depart regularly from Dong Seoul bus terminal.

Feel free to send me a message if you'd like more information.

My daughter said angels collect drops from the stream and place them on the spider-webs.