There's not been much snow this winter, and the kids were complaining that they haven't been able to use their sleds this year.

So instead of following the masses to one of the nearby public sledding slopes, we decided to go in search of our own private (and free) slope.

We threw on some warm clothes, grabbed some gloves and the sleds and headed East.  Fortunately for us, the weather forecast was for heavy snowfalls - and it didn't disappoint.  Over the next 2 days, approximately 10cm of snow bucketed down on the Eastern coast of Korea.

We made it to the area of Pyeongchang, took a random exit off the highway and found a quiet country road which had a nice slope and great cover of snow.

How's this for an awesome private sledding slope. 

After a couple of hours of sledding and snowball fights, we decided to continue East to the city of Gangneung, on the coast.

We were met with a wild and wooly coastal scene.  To see a beach white with snow was totally beautiful, albeit a little bizarre.

A couple trying to take a romantic evening stroll on the beach.

Kids walking through the snow - such fun!

Bamboo plants formed a lovely archway from the weight of the snow.

Fish drying in the open air is a common sight in this part of Korea.

Gangneung is famous for its beaches, and well worth the drive - 240km East of  Seoul.  There are endless accommodation options including pensions and hotels. 

Pyeongchang too is lovely all year round.   In Winter there are ski resorts, Autumn and Spring are spectacular with the natural seasonal beauty, and in Summer you can cool off in any of the numerous streams and rivers.